New industry leading Type I fluid by Proviron/Cryotech


Proviron, a trusted and reliable manufacturer of aircraft and runway de-icing products, has introduced a new and environmentally superior Type I fluid “Polar Plus® LT (80)”. 

“Polar Plus® LT (80) is our latest Type I aircraft de-icing fluid offering significant environmental performance improvements compared with conventional Type I fluids.” says Frederic Versavel, Business Manager De-icing Solutions at Proviron. “It combines extremely low aquatic toxicity and LOUT (Lowest Operational Use Temperature) with excellent wetting and low foaming properties. The aviation industry has shown great interest in Polar Plus® LT (80) and customers who used Polar Plus® LT (80) were very impressed by the new product’s ease of use, environmental characteristics, and overall performance.”

Polar Plus® LT (80) has the lowest aquatic toxicity of any propylene glycol based fluid in the industry, greatly reducing its environmental effect on stormwater run-off. In addition to its outstanding environmental attributes, Polar Plus® LT (80) has a LOUT of -33°C, the lowest LOUT in the industry for a propylene glycol based fluid.  Its superior wetting and low foaming properties enable easier handling, even dispersal, and aid in visual contamination checks.  Polar Plus® LT (80) is an AMS 1424/1 certified and FAA approved Type I aircraft de-icing fluid.

Proviron (Belgium) has a long-term partnership with Cryotech (USA) to manufacture the Cryotech Type I, II and IV aircraft de/anti-icing fluids in Europe. Both Proviron and Cryotech stand for high quality, innovation and superb customer service.